In the Parlor With the Moon

by We are Jeneric

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In the Parlor With the Moon was created for the RPM Challenge 2008. All songs recorded and partially or fully written in February 2008 in the Parlor of the Kirk Estate, with the exception of the guitar in "To the Children of Muu Baan Pri Char Who Are Playing Outside My Window" which was recorded in Muu Baan Pri Char, Bangkok, Thailand. The lyrics for "On the Second Day of April 1489" come from Leonardo DaVinci's notebooks.

We would like to thank Aunt Margaret for allowing us to sleep peacefully as of late, and the Council on Hemlock Hill for always welcoming meandering musicians into their midst.

Thanks to Alex Muro, Dan Pardee, Kim Westcott, Donna Baird, & Nick Matulis for their continued support and encouragement. A special thanks to Mr. Tim Koch, for without his help this album never would have been finished on time. We would like to thank our families, and lastly the moon for being especially beautiful and a source of much inspiration this month.

"Like the Dawn in the Morning" & "The Heaviest Year" were inspired in part by the untimely death of Eamon DeSacia; may he go on and on, like the dawn in the morning.

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released April 26, 2008

We are Jeneric is:
Eric Krans: vocals, guitar, banjo, bass, drums, percussion, trumpet, harmonica, the inside of a phonograph horn.
Jen O'Connor: vocals, violin, piano, accordion, pseudo glocken, drums, percussion, electric slide guitar, treadle sewing machine.

Tim Koch plays the trumpet on "O Albany We Hope" and mixed "On the Sidewalk in the Evening."
Dan Pardee plays the saw on "The Wind."
The Children of Muu Baan Pri Char are: Tao, Tommy, Belle, Bright, Herb & Bambino.



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We are Jeneric Altamont, New York

Now known as The Parlor, formerly known as We are Jeneric. Many moons ago Eric met Jen in the elevator of a college dormitory. Now, more than a decade later their music is inspired by the old haunted farmhouse in which they live and the ghosts who occasionally serenade them to sleep. ... more

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Track Name: Oolong Tea
Come along with me, come along with me Queen Bee.
We will find a hive, beautiful hive.
You'll sit on your throne, sit there all alone
and I will bring to you honey for your tea.
and isn't this hive lovely?
Isn't your tea sweet and strong?
Oolong Tea..

First you say it hot then you say it cold
I think that you may be getting much to old.
But you wear your crown with a noble grace,
still this precious hive is such a disgrace
Oh how I long to fly away...
Oh how I
Oolong Tea...
Track Name: The Wind prying his way into our home?
And who....has his fingers inside my shirt?
The wind....

Who...knows what will fall upon us while traveling in tribes and clans?
Who...knows what the parlor brings late at night, all alone?
The wind...
Track Name: O Albany We Hope
All I'm as happy as I've ever been
It's all about the town we're in
how we've met some good friends
at a coffee shop at a gatherin'
of writers and jokers and musicians
in the ancient little city of Albany
the Dutch Hudson River Colony.

All I'm as crazy as I'll ever be
I'm planning for catastrophe
We've planted gardens in the back and some apple trees
and I'm studying how to make electricity
and I don't believe in God as he was taught to me
and I may never tell my family.

All I'm as sad as I will let you see
I'm having a bout of memory
it's fumbling and fleeting out of me
Apartments in Bangkok and Quincy
the people I loved at the Uni
and the rooms full of ghosts and how it felt to be
the places lost to history and how it makes me
and how it makes me!

All I am everything I ought to be!
The residue of my design is me
this place is bending toward me
And there's a size that fits right to my feet
and a girl who walks beside me

And all I'm as worried as I'll ever be
is she clean and healthy?
what's inside her body?
It's been two years since she's had a chance to see
a doctor in her own country.